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Condorlan Dragons

Condorlan Dragons are small dragons, only about the size of large dogs. They have no legs, causing them to move around by flying or by using their telekinetic powers. They also have telepathic powers, enabling them to talk with humans and other dragons.


Plain Condorlan Dragons are the normal dragons, the majority of the dragon population. Their colors indicate what elements they're masters of. Some are rarer than others-those closer to the top of the list-and others are fairly common-those closer to the bottom.

White - Whites have power over the wind, but they don't use these powers to change the direction or speed of the winds. They believe that to change the wind would bring about the destruction of the island or even the world. Whites are very calm and logical, but they are a rare color to come by. Mostly female, but males do exist.

Silver - Silvers' specialty is metal work. They're known to create beautiful works of art, but they are also hand with anything else metal. They are the metal workers best friend. They are hard workers and believe that a day is not done unless they've worked to their fullest. Either gender is just as equal.

Gold - The area around a Gold always seems brighter, for Golds can control light. Their attitude towards life is pretty much like the light itself, bright and empowering. They know their place in society, but often reach towards the deeper depths to spread their light. Like Silvers, they can be equally either gender.

Black - Blacks are the dragons of night, and they work best as spies or collecting flowers and herbs that are best picked at night. They are masters of invisibility and they can hide very well. Although it may seem their nature is rough and evil, they are very kind to most creatures, especially greens (who they help with their gardens). They don't , however, care much for Golds. Mostly male, though some females exist.

Red - If any human or dragon need some source of heat, all they would need it a Red. Reds are the dragons of fire. They often do their best thinking while laying about in a lazy fire. It doesn't hurt them any. They are the warriors of the Condorlan Dragons is need be-they are very strong-and always have a sense of humor. They often work with the Silvers in the black smiths. The number of males and females are equal.

Blue - Blues love water, and more so, can control it. Like the Whites, they will not use their powers to aid the farms or to stop floods. They will tell when floods and heavy rains will fall. Again, like the Whites, they are calm; they are the most graceful of the Condorlans. They can often be found in the waters near their homes. Males and females are equal in number.

Green - Greens are the gardeners of the bunch. They love gardens, and more often than not, have one somewhere. Just their presence will help plants grow. They work he best with blues; such a combination will grow anything, even in the desert. They share the Reds' sense of humor, but are very responsible and have this love for life. They are both male and female.


There are not many of these, they are very rare. Why exactly they come about is unknown. Their marking can either be a strange mix of colors, or a symbol. Not much is known about what these dragons can do.