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"G'd morn to you, dear humbly one!" speaks a small white dragon. "My name is Seimei, and I am caretaker of the lil'uns here. This space is reserved for a precious little one, but he or she has not hatched yet. She who watches over the island of Condorla and the ThreeDragons wishes this one to be a gray male, but I have learned that anything is possible."

"And," she gestures to the side, "We've got a second one. This one we hope will be a blue male or female!'



Name: Unknown
Stage: Egg
Color: Gray?
Gender: Male?
Clutch: BrightSun & NightMist


Name: Unknown
Stage: Egg
Color: Blue?
Gender: Male? Female?
Clutch: Simone & Spiral

Basin Dragons