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Rules of Guardianship

To apply for guardianship, you must submit to a few rules. This is to insure that these dragons will be treated with the utmost respect.

  1. You must have an email address.

  2. You must have a website for the dragon your are accepting guardianship for to dwell. This site be up before you submit your application and you must have a page set up for the dragon. Period.

  3. You have one week to update the dragon. Please, if you take a vacation or something of the like, or you can't, tell me so there is no mix up.

  4. Do not steal my graphics. The dragons are drawn by myself, and the web graphics were done by Marie.

  5. Download the graphics to your own server.

Not many, but they all must be followed. If they are not, I will let someone else be the dragon's guardian, or I will not let you apply for guardianship until you have fulfilled such requirements.